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Kopin Corporation (KOPN) announced that Medisim Ltd has chosen one of its LCD module and an IC for its BinoVision goggles.

Kopin hold a leading position in developing and providing transmissive and reflective active matrix liquid crystal and organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. It has been supplying those microdisplays and display assemblies to military, industries, enterprises, medical and consumer companies to be used in their products. In an announcement made at the end of last month, the company said that its BDM WVGA LCD module and A912 Driver IC have been selected by Medisim Ltd for its goggles.

The Israel-based Medisim Ltd has been involved in development of novel and patented product BinoVision for the treatment of Amblyopia (Lazy Eye). BinoVision is equipped with an ability of connecting with most of the video streaming devices including TV, game consoles and computers. It comprise of a binocular head-mounted video goggle which uses contents like cartoons, music videos, movies or TV shows for stimulating brain.

Ilan Vadai, CEO, Medisim Ltd said that the way Kopin understands microdisplays and optical modules attracted us while searching for near-to-eye LCD. WVGA module and A912 ASIC of Kopin played important role in development and completion of BinoVision. There was a key requirement of high level brightness in our application which displays by Koplin provided. There are also requirements of precisely aligning the displays with optics and to put them together in a binocular module. Koplin’s displays fulfilled those requirements very easily by providing an unmatched integration.

Koplin’s Head of Industrial and Enterprise Displays, Greg Truman showed excitement upon selection of company’s products by Medisim Ltd for BinoVIsion goggles. He also congratulated them for successful development of this novel product. He also counted the increasing use of microdisplays in medical products encouraging. We believe that our near-to-eye microdisplays will also be beneficial in integration with procedural, ophthalmic, surgical and other applications, Truman added.


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