Malibu Boats Inc. (MBUU) recently gets a favorable ruling in its continuing patent lawsuit against Skier’s Choice. Malibu is a leading and pioneer company in modern wakesurfing technology. The technology it developed includes industry standard setting system namely Surf Gate.
The company was in litigation against Skier’s Choice claiming patent infringement in its boats under brands Moomba and Supra.

On September 8, 2020, just days after the court ruled in favor of Malibu, the company announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with MB Sports Inc. As per agreement Malibu will get a one-time payment by MB Sports and later on will be paid by MB for future royalties.

Malibu’s CEO, Jack Springer referring the current agreement said that the boating industry remain acknowledging and regarding innovations by Malibu. Currently, there are twenty brands that have been directly or indirectly using Malibu’s intellectual property under licensing agreements. And in the manufacturing segment of tow boat, most of the original equipment makers (OEM) have been in licensing agreements with Malibu for its patents. But Skier’s Choice was not among those, said Springer.

The company early this month also announced release of its new luxury wake boat M220. The all new M220 took its signal from company’s flagship M240. The new M220 is brings together the company’s technology and innovation blended into a 22-foot 5-inch luxury craft having all the features of iconic M-Line boats.

Malibu’s all towboats born out of customer demand and the M220 is also not an exception, said Springer. The powerful response to the M240 and customers increasingly requesting more advanced and compact version of that drive us to work hard. The incredible efforts resulted in shape of less than 23 feet boat which would come up to the new benchmark set by M-Series boats. The M220 would be a pioneer towboat as standard-setter in its size class, he added.


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