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RCON Stock

Veritone Inc. (VERI) has recently announced the support for NVIDIA Corp.’s CUDA platform. The artificial intelligence (AI) innovations of Veritone will now be available on the famous machine intelligence platform, which could improve the sales of the company.

At start of the month, Veritone reported that NVIDIA CUDA computing systems are now supported by its aiWARE operating system for working with AI. This would make aiWARE available on premises and in the cloud to commercial and government entities that use NVIDIA GPUs for machine learning applications. Those include processing huge amounts of audio-visual data and text, in particular.

At the same time, existing Veritone OS users will now be able to use the parallel computing technology of NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA, which accelerates data processing significantly.

Compatibility with NVIDIA CUDA will allow users of the aiWARE operating system to obtain data processing results in almost real-time, according to Veritone management.

The prospects for Veritone developments were previously noted by the analysts. The integration of aiWARE and NVIDIA CUDA technologies further enhances the optimistic outlook as new markets open up for Veritone innovations to be introduced. Those will specifically be used for real-time power delivery optimization, quick biometric authentication, extraction of useful data from smart city infrastructure, and much more.

Veritone last week came up reporting radical enhancements to Veritone Discovery and Veritone Attribute, its campaign analytics and attribution software, to the benefit of both current as well as new broadcast clients. Veritone’s aiWARE applications currently control approximately 1,500 stations worldwide with comprehensive automation of metadata, content monitoring and attribution of enterprise-level ads, allowing enhanced media search, optimized workflows and wide-range campaign measurement.

Veritone Inc. (VERI) stock was down 1.50% to $28.29 at close of the session on Wednesday. The stock has added 16.37 over the past week while its value since start of the year grew more than ten-fold.


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