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REED Stock

Investors are celebrating a fantastic end to the year awaiting these decisive Senate elections, with the expectation of defeating coronavirus in 2021 by vaccine campaigns. The European Union, after North America and the United Kingdom, launched vaccines on Sunday. Before being eventually expanded to the general public, the campaign would first concentrate on the aged and health care staff. In the United States, since the initiative launched two weeks ago, more than one million people have now been vaccinated.

However, according to analysts who warn of a few more tough months to come, the beneficial impact of vaccination on the health situation and the economy can only be felt progressively, perhaps from spring or even mid-2021. In an interview with ‘CNN’ on Sunday in the United States, immunologist Anthony Fauci (who was vaccinated himself last week) cautioned that the worst of the pandemic had yet to come, after the holiday season.

“I share President-elect Biden’s concern that this could get worse in the coming weeks,” he added, adding that the “increase adds to the increase,” which risks putting “increased pressure” on an already tight-flowing healthcare system.

But stocks of some vaccine makers declined on Monday including Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) and Pfizer Inc. (PFE). Despite the announcement of the start of Phase 3 of the clinical trial of the coronavirus vaccine, shares of Novavax declined by -9.66% to $116.85. Almost 1.3 billion doses of this vaccine have been reserved worldwide for this U.S. biotechnology company, which has had no products on the market since it was established in 1987. Novavax enlisted 30,000 volunteers in the United States and Mexico for the Phase 3 trial.

On the other end, Pfizer’s stock dropped by -1.21% to $36.82 on Monday after news surfaced that the company has delayed vaccine delivery to Spain. Due to some technical problems, Pfizer has delayed the supply of a new batch of its Covid vaccine to Spain by 24 hours, announced Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa. In addition, the European Commission’s spokeswoman announced that the delivery of the originally requested 200 million doses of the vaccine would be finished by September.


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