CTMX Stock
CTMX Stock

SmartsheetInc (SMAR) continues to grow its service portfolio and partner network. The intraday high of SMAR stock was $81.31. The stock started the day trading at $81.11 for the day. On Wednesday, it reached an intraday low of $78.07. Stock trading volume for Smartsheet Inc. is over 36.61% of the average daily volume on Wednesday. Wednesday, the stock trading volume exceeded 36.61 percent of the stock’s average daily volume (0.7 million).


Businesses today use Smartsheet to manage their work efficiently in today’s distributed world. The huge trend towards remote working and the coronavirus outbreak has caused the demand for platform solutions to rising as employers sought to preserve income and minimize risks in a crisis.

As of the beginning of COVID-19, more than half of the leading IT companies (55%) said their IT systems were not up to the new requirements that followed the pandemic. Smartsheet is used by many of these companies, mostly for project organization. It is a flexible and scalable piece of software with tremendous features for securing and managing your data. More and more customers come to Smartsheet every year. Its customers include Roche Diagnostics, Domino’s Pizza, Burton Snowboards, Cisco, San Diego State University, and more.

SmartsheetInc (SMAR) also helped Forbes develop a comprehensive and flexible approach to managing its marketing program. Smartsheet provided cross-functional teams with transparency and visibility of key initiatives to both internal and external stakeholders.

Smartsheet’s growing global ecosystem of strategic partners delivers real-time, secure, seamless collaboration by connecting the tools most used by today’s businesses. For example, Smartsheet’s current partnerships include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Box, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Slack, ServiceNow, and Workday.

SmartsheetInc (SMAR) has been investing in new technologies over the last few quarters to enter the government and healthcare markets.

During COVID-19, Smartsheet grants free use of the Smartsheet platform to government agencies responding to the crisis. Government agencies can use this platform, specially designed for them, built on AWS GovCloud. FedRAMP (US Federal Risk Management and Authorization Program) has approved it as its kind first official collaborative management platform.

Smartsheet gained pre-authorization from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) for Impact 4, confirming it meets the Pentagon’s stringent security requirements. Many US government agencies depend on Smartsheet, including the USDA, Department of Commerce, Department of Energy, Smithsonian Institution, and many others.

As a result, SmartsheetInc (SMAR) exploits the current environment to discover new clients and build new competencies to create the foundation for future growth.


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