Progenity, Inc. (NASDAQ: PROG) reported a 2.66% decline in the last trading session at the price of $1.83 on Tuesday. The company is scheduled to deliver Q2 results on 12th August 2021.

Successful Completion of Clinical Validation Study:

On 29th July 2021, PROG declared successful completion of the clinical study for its Preecludia rule-out test for preeclampsia and accomplishment of the endpoint of the study protocol. The PRO-104 clinical study was a forthcoming, multi-center, and observational study with nearly 1,300 enrolled patients.

Matthew Cooper, Chief Scientific Officer, commented that they are proud to attain the primary endpoint of the PRO-104 study protocol. He demonstrated that the Preecludia test can considerably differentiate between the presence and absence of preeclampsia, with the initial unblinding and analysis performed by a third party.

Appointment of Surbhi Sarna as Board of Directors:

On 30th June 2021, Progenity declared the new appointment of Surbhi Sarna as its board of directors effective from 1st July 2021. Ms. Surbhi’s medical experience and her focus on the improvement of strategic cooperation will be fruitful for the company’s growth in the innovation pipeline.CEO Harry Stylli remarked that they are sharpening their struggles to develop drug discovery and delivery systems. They are delighted that Surbhi Sarna has agreed to be a part of the Progenity Board of Directors to support their efforts, he added.

Established Clinical Advisory Board for Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

On 17th June 2021, PROG declared the formation of its Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinical Advisory Board. The advisory council consists of reputable researchers and clinicians who are well-known leaders in the research and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. The board will deliver clinical and strategic guidelines on Progenity’s ingestible therapeutics and diagnostics pipeline.


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