Atyr Pharma Inc (LIFE) is declined by 2.75% to $5.30 in the current market today. LIFE is associated with the discovery and development of drugs based on novel immunological approaches. Research and development of the company focus on newly discovered biological domains: the extracellular functions and signaling pathways of tRNA synthetase.

Q2 2021 Financial Highlights:

The company hosted a conference call and webcast on the 10th of August at 5 pm.

Based on performance, the company did not report revenue of this quarter, as compared to $8,254 during the equivalent period of 2020.

The consolidated net loss during this quarter stood at $17,547 while during the second quarter of 2020, it was $4,695. Net loss per share, basic and diluted during this quarter were $1.16 while during the equivalent period of 2020, the basic and diluted earnings were $0.58 per share.

  • Cash and Investment Positions: As of June 30, 2021, cash, cash equivalents, and investments are $44.1 million.
  • R&D Expenses: The R&D cost for Q2 2021 is $7.7 million, mainly including the ATYR1923 and ATYR2810 project costs.

Research collaboration

On August 10, 2021, aTyr Pharma Inc (LIFE) ‎announced it has expanded its research collaboration with Ohio State University (OSU) to deepen with company’s understanding of the immune mechanisms of nodular granuloma formation and determine the company’s key potential efficacy.

Two Abstracts for ATYR1923 Accepted

On 9th August of 2021Atyr Pharma Inc (LIFE) ‎broadcasted that two abstracts of the company’s main therapeutic candidate ATYR1923 are accepted. Representation of these abstracts had been approved for the European Respiratory Society International Congress of 2021, held September 5-8.

US Patent Granted

On July 29, 2021, LIFE stock declared that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent related to the use of histidyl-tRNA synthetase Fc fusion protein to reduce lung inflammation. Patent No. 11,072,787, “Histidine-tRNA synthetase-FC conjugate”, deals with falling lung inflammation using ATYR1923, the company’s main therapeutic candidate.

ATYR1923 Clinical Phase 1b/2a

aTyr Pharma, Inc. announced on 8 July 2021, about the last patient in the Phase 1b/2a clinical trial of ATYR1923. This is a major drug candidate for pulmonary sarcoidosis and the patient had completed the final visit. The company is expected to report clinical results in September 2021.

Poster Demonstration

On the 10th of June 2021, the company announced the presentation of a poster at the Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Europe Virtual conference which was held June 8 – 10, 2021. The abstract and poster are available on the conference website.

This poster presents preclinical results and demonstrates the proof-of-concept in vitro and in vivo that the anti-Neurophilin 2 (NRP2) antibody, aNRP2-14 is a high-affinity. It is a selective blocker of the semaphorin 3F/NRP2 interaction. Class 3 semaphores are an important group of NRP2 ligands, and recent data indicate that they play a role in maintaining chronic inflammation.


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