POLY Stock
POLY Stock

In the past session, Alternet Systems Inc (OTCPink:ALYI) has moved up 45.21 percent to $0.0273, and traded in a range between $0.0182 and $0.0298. In the last month, ALYI’s stock price surged over 54.24%; with average volume exceeding 48.83M shares. According to a three-month performance analysis, ALYI stock has plunged over -18.99%, while average volume was 29.01M shares. There has been a 112.80% gain in the stock price of ALYI over the last 12 months, which reached a high of $0.2000 with a market capitalization of $66.84M. EV motorcycles built with ALYI’s battery technology passed performance tests. ALYI stock surged.

ALYI bikes have passed which test?

In addition to providing digital payments and data analytics services through its subsidiaries, Alternet Systems also supplies micro segmentation, marketing intelligence, and financial services for the consumer goods, payments, and telecommunications sectors. ALYI also offers data analytics tools and services to telecommunications and financial services organizations. Additionally, ALYI manufactures and sells electric motorcycles. In partnership with iQSTEL, ALYI is developing two-way communication solutions for electric vehicles. ALYI is headquartered in Miami, FL.

The EVOSS EV Motorcycle Beta Prototype from iQSTEL, a partner of Alternet Systems, passed all mechanical and performance tests, and the first EVOSS EV Motorcycle will be delivered by the end of the year. The EVOSS EV Motorcycle is equipped with the EVOSS IQBattery Technology developed in conjunction with ALYI’s advanced research and development work on the Revolt Electric Motorcycle.

According to Alternet Systems, 2,000 electric motorcycles will begin being shipped on November 30, 2021 upon fulfillment of a long-distance order for motorcycle taxis or boda-bodas in Kenya.

  • With the sales of the electric motorcycles, ALYI expects to achieve its recently announced $2 million revenue target for 2021.
  • ALYI focuses on the East African market and overall Electric Vehicle Ecosystem, with the intention of expanding into the global market of developing economies.
  • As part of ALYI’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem, we are building an entire system that will address every aspect of EV adoption from creating a best in class vehicle to designing all the mechanical and digital aspects of it.
  • Consumers and businesses are being driven to switch from combustion engines to electric vehicles by the charging and maintenance infrastructure that goes into supporting them.

ALYI’s growth strategy:

As part of its EV Ecosystem solution, Alternet Systems (ALYI) designed it to include democratized participation. Revolt Token has partnered with ALYI to offer participation in the EV ecosystem via the sale of Revolt Tokens for securing ALYI’s growth.


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