The shares of AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (AGRI) have increased by 143.06% to $5.25 in the session on Wednesday. AGRI stock finished the last trading session at $2.16. Trading volume of AGRI stock was 112.74 million shares, which is far higher than the average daily trading volume of 618.50K shares over the last 50 days.

During the last five days, AGRI stock shares have declined -2.26%; however, they have fallen -8.86% over the last month. Since the beginning of the year, the stock price of AGRI has declined -29.64%. An acquisition offer made by the company has caused the price of AGRI stock to skyrocket.

Who is AGRI acquiring?

Committed to giving more manageable and better quality food, plant-based items and fixings, drugs and nutraceuticals, AgriFORCE Growing Systems is an AgTech organization with an emphasis on creating and securing imaginative farming IP that changes the manner in which development and harvest handling are finished. AGRI’s vision is to be an innovator in conveying plant-based food sources and items through cutting edge and manageable AgTech arrangement stages that roll out sure improvement on the planet, from seed to table.

The AgriFORCE Grow House was intended to deliver in essentially any ecological condition and to advance harvest respects as close to their full hereditary likely conceivable, while utilizing considerably less normal assets and killing the requirement for the utilization of pesticides and additionally illumination.

AgriFORCE Growing Systems has entered into a binding letter of intent to gain control of a major AgTech European consultancy focused on driving agrarian advancement, innovation, arrangements and functional mastery in the agribusiness and cultivation and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) areas.

With worldwide activities and more than 200 workers, this AgTech consultancy accomplished 2020 yearly counseling evaluated revenue of over US$26 million and EBITDA of US$3 million (IFRS based), and it hopes to end the year 2021 with incomes of US$28 million (as assessed by the objective’s administration and liable to due ingenuity).

The binding LOI is dependent upon finishing of standard due diligence and passage into an authoritative purchase agreement inside 45 days, which will incorporate financially standard agreements, including, however not restricted to, portrayals and guarantees, pledges, occasions of default, and conditions to shutting. The price tag by AgriFORCE is assessed to be in the scope of US$29 million with a blend of cash and stock, with all stock issued in private placements.

What AGRI is planning?

AgriFORCE (AGRI) plans to use the consultancy’s times of involvement, set up a client base and profound industry connections to speed up sending of its proprietary AgriFORCE Grow House and related IP, including office and lighting plan, computerization and man-made consciousness, fertigation, and supplements, just as micropropagation and hereditary qualities. This procurement is planned to put the consolidated tasks at the bleeding edge of information and IP advancement and examination, which AGRI plans to expand with expanded income from specialized arrangement stages in the key CEA verticals.


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