RCON Stock
RCON Stock

Siyata Mobile Inc. (SYTA) stock surged 21.50% in the current-market trading session at the price of $5.10 despite no fundamental reason.

SYTA is an international retailer of cellular booster systems and Push-To-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices. Its portfolio of rugged smartphones facilitates first responders and workers to communicate instantly to raise situational awareness and save lives. 

SYTA Acquired $1.3 Million Purchase Order 

On 7th December 2021, SYTA published that it had acquired a purchase order of $1.3 million for the VK7 vehicle units, SD7 ruggedized devices, and other accessories. This purchase order has raised the year-to-date orders for the VK7 and SD7 to above $1.8 million. 

The SD7 is a Push-To-Talk-only device with a limited interface that works on the Android operating system. Its IP68 rating, drop protection, water resistance, and robust battery make it suitable to use in intense environments. 

The VK7 is a patent-pending car kit, first of its kind, with an integrated 20W speaker. It has a slide-in connection sleeve for the SD7 and an antenna connection that connects to a roof mount antenna. The VK7 has been designed to use with the SD7 and connects directly to the car’s power.  

SYTA Received Initial Orders for SD7 

On 2nd December 2021, SYTA reported that it had received initial orders worth $550,000 from clients in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The high functionality and low cost of the SD7 devices make them a suitable and reasonable option for both first responders and enterprise customers. 

Management Comments  

Chief executive officer of SYTA, Marc Seelenfreund, remarked that first responder and mission-critical needs are ubiquitous. The exceptional functionality of the SD7 is a unique solution at a reasonable price. As the clients acknowledge its value-proposition, the company expects to see widespread adoption of this product in the coming quarters and years. These SD7 orders obtained from customers demonstrate their team’s creative approach and capacity to address the world’s technology needs. 


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