REED Stock
REED Stock

Odyssey Group International Inc (OTC-ODYY) stock tanked emphatically as it recorded rise of 52.89% to $0.4900 at previous close. The ODYY Stock performance over the last week was 75.00% versus its monthly performance of 84.84%. ODYY stock surged after receiving a donation.

ODYY has gotten the donation for what reason?

Odyssey Group is an innovation and resource obtaining organization with a concentration in the everyday issue saving clinical arrangements. ODYY’s corporate mission is to make, procure and collect unmistakable resources, scholarly properties, and excellent advancements that give significant clinical arrangements.

ODYY is centered around building and procuring resources in regions that enjoy a recognized innovative benefit, give prevalent clinical utility, have a considerable market an amazing open door and give strong re-visitations of its esteemed investors and accomplices. ODYY is changing its name to Odyssey Health, Inc. to mirror its corporate mission and concentration.

Odyssey Group this week declared that it has gotten a gift in how much $500,000 in association with the Erase PTSD Now association and the Glenn Greenberg and Linda Vester Foundation. ODYY will utilize these assets to advance the Phase-1 human clinical preliminaries for drug up-and-comer PRV-002 for the treatment of blackout.

  • ODYY is as of now in a Phase-1 wellbeing study and these assets will permit it to gain huge headway and plan for the Phase-2I preliminaries.
  • Erase PTSD Now has a profoundly regarded record of aiding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) patients that won’t just assist ODYY with willing valuable for PTSD victims to more readily comprehend the connection among blackout and PTSD.
  • Erase PTSD Now accept is in a similar manner as that of ODYY’s logical group that assuming veterans are dealt with from the beginning with a mind designated specialist they will have better mental results.
  • Blackouts have been connected to the expanded frequency of PTSD.
  • ODYY is fostering the primary drug to treat blackout in the intense period of injury.
  • A field deliverable intranasal gadget loaded up with their medication, PRV-002 can be kept in the doctor’s sack or the trooper’s pocket for “buddy” help promptly following a blackout.
  • Lessening aggravation of the cerebrum right off the bat can essentially further develop results and get our fighters once again to activity quicker and all the more securely.

How might ODYY be pushing forward?

Odyssey Group (ODYY) and Erase PTSD Now have framed a local area put together organization to gather information with respect to PTSD patients who have likewise supported a blackout. Measures for patient indication seriousness, momentary memory and figured handling pace will be the foundation for better understanding the connection between these two conditions. This organization will help PTSD patients by assisting them with seeing how mind injury can prompt mental sequelae and help ODYY in the plan of future military arms of their clinical preliminaries.


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