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RCON Stock

HCW Biologics Inc. (HCWB) stock experienced an increase of 10.40% in the premarket on 24th January 2022 following the announcement of FDA Clearance to go ahead with Phase 1 Clinical Trial. However, the last trading session concluded at $2.02 with a decrease of 12.93%.

FDA Clearance – More About it

HCWB announced on 24th January 2022 that the US Food and Therapeutic Administration (FDA) has given the go-ahead to the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, to conduct a Phase 1 clinical study. This study is meant for the patients with advanced solid tumors who have progressed after previous chemotherapies to test the Company’s main drug candidate, HCW9218. Moreover, HCW9218 is a bifunctional fusion protein complex that has been engineered to generate anti-tumor activity by stimulating desirable immune responses to assault cancer cells while suppressing undesired immunosuppressive actions.

What’s up?

HCW9218 combines a TGF receptor that neutralizes a highly immunosuppressive cytokine released by tumors with IL-15, a powerful cytokine that enhances natural killer and CD8+-T cell cytotoxicity. Hence, this polyfunctional immunotherapeutic has the tendency to create considerable anti-tumor activity. Through changing parameters associated with medication resistance and disease recurrence, HCW9218 may also create a new category of cancer treatment. Lastly, in the ongoing clinical study, the company wants to undertake correlative investigations to assess this possibility.

Lead Product Candidate – Latest News

HCWB reported on 20th January 2022 that a scientific paper has been published in the journal named “Molecular Therapy”. It covers preclinical results from in vivo animal experiments suggesting HCW9218’s capacity to both improve the anti-tumor effects of chemotherapeutic medicines and reduce their adverse side effects by lowering therapy-induced senescence.

Moreover, for tumor suppression, cellular senescence is critical. However, a growing body of research shows that standard-of-care anti-cancer therapies including chemotherapy and radiation increase cell accumulation in both tumor and normal tissue. Cellular senescence, on the other hand, saves non-dividing cancer cells by decreasing the action of chemotherapeutic medications and radiation, while also contributing to chemoresistance, radiation resistance, disease recurrence, and systemic adverse effects.

So what?

The findings revealed might have far-reaching ramifications for chemotherapy in the future. Increased cellular senescence in normal tissues has been shown in several studies to enhance tumor growth, establishing a relationship between aging and cancer. With these findings, it has been proven that targeting senescence cells with immunotherapy might provide an intriguing clinical opportunity to improve chemotherapeutic anti-tumor activity while reducing their unfavorable side effects on normal tissues.


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