TRKA Stock
TRKA Stock

Trevi Therapeutics, Inc. (TRVI) stock soared 5.11% in the current market trading session at the price of $0.48 after reporting favorable results from the Phase-II CANAL Trial of Nalbuphine ER. TRVI is a biopharmaceutical firm in its clinical stage. It develops and commercializes the therapy named Haduvio for the treatment of neurologically mediated diseases.

TRVI Provided Nalbuphine ER Trial Results

On 24th February 2022, TRVI published favorable results of its Phase-II CANAL trial of Haduvio. Nalbuphine ER is an investigational therapy that treats idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients having chronic cough. Further enrollment of patients in the clinical trial will stop based on the consistency and potency of the data.

Trevi Therapeutics conducted a statistical investigation to evaluate the possibility of success of CANAL based on these results. The analysis was directed by a statistical team as per the previously specified endpoint in the protocol. The interim results revealed a 100 percent probability of success on the current data. The company has now progressed to end the screening process and conclude registration into CANAL.

Management Comments

Chief Development Officer of TRVI, Dr. Bill Forbes, commented that they were happy about the statistically significant clinical results of Haduvio in the Phase-II CANAL trial. The therapy has the potential to treat IPF patients suffering from chronic cough. Currently, there are no approved therapies to treat IPF patients. As per these positive results and potency of the data, they have concluded enrollment into the CANAL trial. The company has now moved towards the next development phase of Haduvio to treat chronic cough, he added.

Interstitial Lung Disease Director at Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Toby Maher, remarked that these promising results demonstrate the potential of nalbuphine ER to remarkably enhance the debilitating chronic cough which harshly affects quality-of-life in various patients with IPF. Chronic cough affects IPF patients by further contributing to emotional, psychological, and physical pain, he added.


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