ALF Stock
ALF Stock

Alfi, Inc. (ALF) stock soared 17.48% in the pre-market trading session at the price of $2.42 despite no fundamental reason. Alfi delivers solutions to promote accountability and transparency to the digital advertising marketplace. The company’s AI-based advertising forum provides targeted advertisement in a very privacy-conscious way.

ALF Launched Digital Advertising Tablet Rollout

On 22nd February 2022, ALF initiated the rollout of its AI-based tablets to rideshare drivers in Las Vegas and Austin. The company has successfully deployed the technology in 14 US megacities and has established an alliance with Vistar Media and programmatic exchange. With the rising demand for DOOH technology from direct advertisers, ALF has now moved towards the next stage of its tablet installations. Additionally, the company had upgraded its driver portal to provide assistance and promote ease of payment for drivers in all 16 markets.

Management Comments  

Chief Revenue Officer of ALF, Ron Spears, commented that their machine learning technology went well beyond geo-targeted ads by delivering ride-sharing clients AI-based, real-time ads-using contextual targeting. The technology presents captivating ads to the right people at the proper time. Such personalized ventures bolster client loyalty and connections and improve the brand’s ROI.

Ron Spears added that the deployment of digital tablets is now underway, and they have installed them across 14 different markets. Using the technology, the brands can create captivating customized content and optimize the performance of their drives for the emerging rideshare audience.

Acting CEO of ALF, Peter Bordes, remarked that following this digital tablet rollout, their focus is on building the advertising channel by refining payment platforms and driver communications. After launching the updated driver portal and rising advertiser interest in the technology, they had now initiated the next phase.

As more DOOH bucks transact in 2022, customers will increasingly demand to comprehend the end-to-end economics. This technology provides audience performance measurement abilities and facilitates advertisers to leverage measurement, data, and precision in DOOH advertising campaigns, Peter added. 


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