REED Stock
REED Stock

Guardion Health Sciences, Inc. (GHSI) stock soared 3.46% in the current-market trading session at the price of $0.29 despite no fundamental development. The last published news was the closure of its earlier announced public offering.

Guardion is a clinical-stage food and nutrition corporation. Its portfolio of science-based medical foods, nutrition, and supplement products supports patients, healthcare specialists, and consumers in acquiring health goals.

GHSI Closed $11M Public Offering

On 23rd February 2022, GHSI reported the closure of an earlier announced public offering of 37M common stock shares. The gross proceeds from the offering totaled $11.1M before subtracting agent fees and other offering costs. The company intends to utilize the net proceeds from the offering for its working capital and other business purposes.

The offered common stock shares and warrants had the public price of US$0.30 per share. The exercise price for Class A and Class B warrants was US$0.37 per share. The Class A and Class B warrants will expire after years and three years following the issuance, respectively. All securities to be sold had been offered under a shelf registration Form S-3 / File # 333-248895 with the Securities and Exchange Commission and became effective on 24th September 2020.

GHSI Launched Viactiv Omega Boost Gel Bites

Earlier on 14th February 2022, GHSI launched Viactiv Omega Boost Gel Bites. It was the first extension of the Viactiv brand since it had acquired in June 2021. The 1200-milligram Omega-III gel bites were devised to deliver body support, including the brain, cardiovascular, eye, and joint health.

The latest dosage form offers the potency of soft gels in a chewable and yummy tasting layout with 10X more Omega-III than the current fish oil gummies. The gel bite dosage provides higher absorption and lesser digestive problems than regular soft gel. It is sugar-free and has no undesirable fishy aftertaste.


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