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RCON Stock

AIkido Pharma Inc. (AIKI) stock soared 7.36% in the current market trading session at the price of $0.47 despite no fundamental updates. The last reported news was the master collaboration deal with Cedars-Sinai to co-develop cancer therapy.

AIKI, established in 1967, is a biotechnology firm. The company’s product portfolio includes antiviral medicines and small-molecular anticancer. It leverages patented technology to produce a novel therapeutic drug platform through collaborations with world-class educational organizations.

AIKI Partnered with Cedars-Sinai

On 11th March 2022, AIKI announced entering a master collaboration agreement with Cedars-Sinai hospital. The deal intends to co-develop and co-fund an immuno-oncology therapy devised to defeat cancer cells.

Both the parties will share expenses, costs, and leadership to co-develop the drug. They will leverage Cedars-Sinai technology and the talent of scientists who instituted the novel therapy. Meanwhile, both parties will receive an equal share in the proceeds after the product commercialization.

This novel product targets the cellular route that causes T-cells (CD8+) to penetrate in an exhausted state, making them vulnerable to cancerous cells. It boosts the strength of T-cells to maintain their ability to destroy cancerous cells.

Chief executive officer of AIKI, Anthony Hayes, commented that this collaboration deal with Cedars-Sinai to monetize and co-fund novel disease treatment is a critical step for them. He is delighted that Cedars-Sinai will invest in this project and supply its outstanding team of scientists to advance this cancer therapy.

AIKI Published DHA-dFdC Updates

Earlier on 3rd March 2022, AIKI published updates regarding DHA-dFdC, a pancreatic cancer medicine certified from the University of Texas. The company notified improvements and progress in the drug’s manufacturing process. Additionally, AIKI reported that U.S. Patent Office had issued an additional patent for DHA-dFdC. The company has also filed a continuation patent application to extend the patent range to other elements of the drug.


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