PI Stock
PI Stock

Impinj Inc. (NASDAQ: PI) has launched a new RFID chip solution that addresses the biggest potential target market for current technology.

Impinj Inc. (PI) unveiled the Impinj E910 RAIN RFID technology suite this week, which offers great flexibility and can be utilized by a variety of businesses. In terms of qualities, the Impinj E910 RFID chip naturally beats prior generation alternatives (less power consumption, dimensions, higher reliability, etc.).

Most significantly, the novelty opens up new avenues for automation for businesses that previously struggled to incorporate RFID technology into their operations.

The Impinj E910 has a high sensitivity, allowing readers to recognize tags even when they are attached to objects that are dumped into boxes and travel fast down the conveyor. They also outperform Impinj Inc.’s (PI) new solution in high-bay shelving with thousands of products, making it more appealing for automated warehouses.

The uniqueness is also directed at the automobile sector, logistics, trade, and a variety of other industries. Furthermore, the Impinj E910 is better suited for the Internet of Things (IoT) since the chips use 50% less power and are 90% smaller than the previous version. Impinj Inc. (PI) has also worked to lessen the complexity of incorporating newcomers into IoT projects.

Impinj Inc. (PI) has so far created a comprehensive ecosystem of RFID solutions that can be utilized practically everywhere, from baggage management to enabling visibility into the supply chains of important components like airplane parts.

This company’s volume is now 0.54 million, but it has maintained an average daily volume of 324.09K. This stock has a Year to Date volume of $0.33 million and a 20-day volume of $0.33 million. The number of shares outstanding for this publicly listed firm is presently 24.98 million, with a float of 24.25 million. The organization’s market capitalization is present $1.46 billion.


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