DDD Stock
DDD Stock

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD), a leader in 3D printing technology, will release its second-quarter report on August 8. This company’s reports frequently create significant movement in the market, although their direction is not always anticipated.

It should be noted that the 3D Systems report will be released after the report of another 3D printing industry participant, Stratasys. Stratasys will provide a report before the market opens on August 3, and the findings will influence investors’ expectations for 3D Systems’ report.

The second factor is the most recent report, in which the business fell short of Wall Street’s revenue and earnings forecasts. The broader situation, with increasing prices and concerns about a likely recession in the US economy, adds to the strain. In this situation, demand for manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing will fall.

According to Wall Street analysts, 3D Systems’ sales would fall by around 10% year on year to $146.8 million in 2021. Although these assets have generated money, the rejection of non-targeted spending can have a good long-term impact.

As a result, estimates for 2022 and beyond are anticipated to have the largest influence on 3D Systems stock quotations in the upcoming report. The firm has not yet disclosed sales projections for the current year, but it has said that the gross margin would be the same as the previous year.

Previous data showed that revenues in the industrial and pharmaceutical segments increased by 16 percent and 4.6 percent, respectively, in the first quarter. Customers in these categories are still in the early phases of adopting 3D printing technology. Even in dentistry, where printing has been used for a long time, efforts are being made to increase its application in prosthetics.

DDD’s performance over the previous year has decreased by -59.50 percent, and in the past six months, the stock has been down by -39.75 percent. DDD’s quarterly performance is now at -20.16 percent; during the past month, it has increased by 14.68 percent. Presently, the weekly performance is 17.21%.


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